Friday, June 29, 2018

Put a key between your fingers for self-defense? I used to say no, now I say yes (Tactikey)

In the world of martial arts and self-defense, there tends to be so much crap talking amongst the tiniest sliver of a business. Most people are not interested in becoming some bad-ass fighter or self-defense teacher, yet there is a friggen gazillion of us out there. We have our own YouTube channels, we may have a retail location (i.e. dojo/gym) and we all believe that what we teach is gospel.

I fall victim to this, but only because I see so much “crap” out there. It gets really hard for good honest people to find great self-defense advice, especially when the market is saturated with amateurs that regurgitate what they’ve learned, read, or heard. You need to question (internally) does this person really know their stuff? What is the quality of their videos and production? Are they eloquent with their words? Or do they say things like “balls” instead of “groin”? These are just some simple questions you can ask yourself as you watch videos, read blogs, etc. Don’t just take my word for it (although I do think highly of my opinion on the subject matter), seek out as many sources as you can and compare their messages.

With all of that said. I want to review an inventive product. It’s called the Tactikey ( As a kid growing up, being around the martial arts community, I heard many times from instructors that you should put your key between your fingers so you can use it as a weapon. You can poke; slash with it, causing pain to the attacker and giving you an upper hand. As I became more proficient in the self-defense world, I too began to question things that I’ve heard or had been taught. When I looked at the logic of it, sure it makes sense. But when you look at the reality of the technique, it really doesn’t.

When someone is in a quick brutal attack situation, things are moving very fast. Having the rigid, potentially cutting key between your fingers will most likely do harm to your inner finger than the attacker. Put a key between your fingers and slide it slowly between them. Imagine now, how painful it would be for your key to cut you in between your middle and index finger. I hope you see my point. Don’t put the key between your fingers.

Until now, I’ve always held that opinion and still do. But with the cool invention of the Tactikey you really can use the power of the technique/concept without injuring yourself in the process. Thank you Blase for sending me such a cool product to review. I love technology and innovative ideas. The Tactikey is only $10 and attaches right to any key ring. It has an ergonomic design that allows you to put the key between your fingers without the potential of hurting yourself in an attack situation.

I’ve held the Tactikey tightly between my fingers and tried my best to pull it away, and could not. This thing really wedges great between your fingers. The other thing I did like about this design is that it isn’t cumbersome at all. Some people might be big fans of the Kubotan, as they can swing their keys around in a slashing fashion, or poke/smash with the Kubotan itself, but many don’t like the 5.5-inch keychain weapon based on how long it is. I feel if you’ve ever considered using a key as a self-defense weapon then go spend the $10. Buy yourself something that you’ll hopefully never have to use in your lifetime. How much was that Starbucks coffee today? Get yourself a Tactikey.

Lastly, I plan on doing a video review of the product on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that if you’d like more information on it.

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