Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Self-Defense Jewelry for Women (Defender Ring)

As a fan of technology and innovation, I love being able to review new products that come to market. I was recently contacted by Defender Ring and asked if I would take a look at their new self-defense jewelry.

Have you ever considered wearing an everyday item that couples as a self-defense tool/weapon? Maybe you haven’t, and maybe you should. There are so many options to choose from. For instance, a wallet can transform revealing a blade. A hair comb turns into a knife within seconds. What appears to be a cell phone becomes a gun. A small key chain cylinder extends instantly into a baton. So why should a ring not give you the ability to poke, slash with it, and be inconspicuous?

Striking a person while wearing a ring can cause additional damage due to the strength of metal vs. that of bone. If you decide that you want to use an everyday carry item as a self-defense tool in your arsenal then it needs to be available for deployment in a matter of seconds. Pepper spray, tasers, batons, etc. are all effective if they are in your hand at the time of the attack. Trying to pull your weapon from a pocket, hip belt, or purse may be more difficult than you may think in the heat of the moment. As a self-defense expert I recommend you have it ready at all times, but that is not feasible.

Are you going to walk around the grocery store with pepper spray or a taser in your hand, ready for an attack? Most likely not. And the odds of something bad happening in the aforementioned is rare. Feeling comfortable walking from one end of a dark parking lot to the other end should be the goal. Taking a self-defense course should be your first choice when considering what you need to defend yourself. Second, look at everyday carry items that couple as a self-defense weapon.

I found the Defender Ring to be a stylish product that offers options should you need to defend yourself. Since your self-defense tool needs to be in your hand at the time of an attack for you to get the best results, then why not consider a ring. It will always be in your hand and ready to strike. With a couple of quick twists, the crown of the ring is removed and then exposes a very sharp point. You can poke with the ring (punch) or use it to slash at the attacker. Additionally, should you get a good scratch or poke against the bad guy you can bring that ring to the police so they can run DNA testing. If the attacker has a record it will be easier to find and convict them.

Self-protection products are plentiful but not all of them are as easy to use or deploy when violence finds you. Ladies and gentlemen, for less than $60 you can purchase a chic piece of jewelry that will double as a self-defense tool to keep yourself/lovely lady safe.

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